IPFS — The Permanent, Distributed Web

How IPFS refer everything

How it differs from HTTP

So one can think IPFS like HTTP web + Git+ BitTorrent.

Lets dive in to the working of IPFS

sudo mv ipfs /usr/local/bin/ipfs
C:\..>move .\go-ipfs\ipfs.exe C:\Windows
$ ipfs init
initializing IPFS node at /Users/romiljain/.ipfs
generating 2048-bit RSA keypair...donepeer identity: QmWwvCycToWiUfMtoAWW9r5aEoeHK4KcmubtKhEmCGJJmeto get started, enter:ipfs cat /ipfs/QmS4ustL54uo8FzR9455qaxZwuMiUhyvMcX9Ba8nUH4uVv/readme
$ ipfs cat /ipfs/QmS4ustL54uo8FzR9455qaxZwuMiUhyvMcX9Ba8nUH4uVv/readme
Make sure to read the warning :)
$ mkdir ipfsdir
$ cd ipfsdir
$ touch hello.txt
$ ipfs add hello.txtadded QmWATWQ7fVPP2EFGu71UkfnqhYXDYH566qy47CnJDgvs8u hello.txt
$ ipfs pin add QmWATWQ7fVPP2EFGu71UkfnqhYXDYH566qy47CnJDgvs8upinned QmWATWQ7fVPP2EFGu71UkfnqhYXDYH566qy47CnJDgvs8u recursively
$ ipfs daemon
Initializing daemon...Adjusting current ulimit to 2048...Successfully raised file descriptor limit to 2048.Swarm listening on /ip4/ listening on /ip4/ listening on /ip6/::1/tcp/4001Swarm listening on /p2p-circuit/ipfs/QmWwvCycToWiUfMtoAWW9r5aEoeHK4KcmubtKhEmCGJJmeSwarm announcing /ip4/ announcing /ip4/ announcing /ip4/ announcing /ip6/::1/tcp/4001API server listening on /ip4/ (readonly) server listening on /ip4/ is ready
$ ipfs swarm peers



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